Have You Ever Paid Online For Your Automotive Window Tinting Services?

This post is a little different because my guess is most people don’t really think about paying online for there window tinting services. I know I never did… until I was talking to a friend of my from Northern California and said they got there windows tinted by first buying it online, then booking there window tinting appointment online too.

So I got curious and asked my friend for the link to the website so I could check out how they do it, given my passion and interest to find things online.

I contacted the owner and talked to him about how he runs his whole process on automation. Which is pretty cool and very uncommon for a local service-based business.

Paid Online For Your Automotive Window Tinting Services

He said that when he gets phone calls he has an automated phone system that automatically sends first time callers to a voicemail that tells them exactly what he would say anyways if he just picked up the phone which is…

If you’re looking for a free window tint price quote just head on over to our website Perfect Darkness Tint .com and apply for your free price quote online, that way I could show you in videos, the three different types of film we carry, different benefits of them, and different pricing packages depending on what you would like to do, and when you’re ready you could just pay and book your appointment right there on the website. So it’s easy and convenient for you.

Plus he said that if they’re calling from a cell phone his system automatically sends them a short little text message with the link to his website.

And then second time collars will be forwarded over to his cell phone… And I just thought that was all pretty cool.

Being me I was still curious and wanted to know more like what systems he uses online.

He said he has a word press website with a bunch of pages on his site that all point to a landing page, but that landing page is on a platform call ClickFunnels.

He said normally his landing page converts that usually 40 to 50% into actual leads, people they get on his email list so that he can build a relationship with them and nurture them overtime if they’re not ready to buy it.

He said the system he is using right now for his auto responder email marketing campaign and CRM is Infusionsoft.

Then he went on to say that when the traffic/human eyeballs hits his sales page and sees the pricing buttons for the different Tinting packages and options they can click on a price button and that takes them over to another platform that hosts his order form pages, call SamCart.

And here’s where his customers can pay online for their automotive Window Tinting services.

He said the payment gateway that ties into SamCart he is this is called Stripe.

Then he said after they pay online it will forward them over to the appointment setting system to specifically book what they just paid for, with timeslots allocated for the service they specifically want to get done on their vehicle.

His booking system Bookeo will send a email reminder notice 24 hours in advance before the appointment all on automation.

Then after his customers come in and he tint’s their cars and leave happy, he tag’s them as Job Completed in his CRM system that triggers an email and ask them to leave their feedback and review on Google and yelp for him.

He also says that he’s the only automotive Window Tinting diamond certified company in the entire San Francisco Bay Area which means he is independently rated highest in quality and has a $1000 performance back guarantee.

This post is brought to you by the finest San Francisco Bay Area Automotive Window Tinting company there is. Perfect Darkness Tint.

He sent me over a few pic’s I will feature plus a youtube video.

I really hope you enjoyed today’s blog post I did of this service based business that has most of their customers pay and book online.

I guess if you are in the SF Area you should look up his company if you want your windows tinted.

thanks again for reading and hope to see you here back soon for my next post.

stay tuned and happy day’s,
Christy Fisher

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