Have You Bought A Tree Online?

What?! Why would I buy a tree online?

Maybe it sounds funny to you at first, but here are lots of reasons to buy trees online.

You could buy trees for yourself and get them delivered to your home to you don’t have to go to the local nurseries if you don’t have time.

Trees make excellent gifts for people.

Planting a tree in your yard can mark and remind you of special days, such as birthdays, weddings, and births.

Trees are also purchased to be green.

You can buy trees for other philanthropists to plant for you.

On Nationalforest.org they are planting trees to rebuild forests, help the climate and wildlife.


If you are going to send a tree as a gift, the Arbor Day Foundation website has a really great link to educate you on choosing the right tree for the climate its going to.

That’s going to be your biggest obstacle in buying trees online.

Don’t let this deter you.

All the sites that sell trees know this and their trees are labeled for the zones that they would go in.


In Celtic tradition trees have certain qualities or meaning for them.

Here are some great examples of trees you may want to buy as a wedding gift.

Apple tree symbolizes love and prosperity.

Fig tree symbolizes fertility.

Oak symbolizes strength and money.

Olive tree symbolizes peace.


I can already see a really great card going with these trees telling the couple about what these trees mean.

What a meaningful gift that they will look at for years to come.

This is also true for a baby coming into this world.

I can imagine the potential receiver of this gift taking pics of the child and the tree through out the years seeing how they grow together.

The child can also have a sense of connecting with nature and want to take care of this tree as they get older and maybe even sit underneath it and read a book, climb, or build their first tree house.

I’m really excited to buy some trees for some upcoming wedding gifts.

Spring is in the air and buying trees online is on my mind.